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Fat Mike speaks out for euthanasia, recalls killing mother

By | Published on Friday 1 July 2011

Fat Mike

NOFX frontman Fat Mike has revealed that one of his latest songs is an ode to his mother, which he wrote following her death from cancer. What’s perhaps unusual about this is that Mike himself brought her life to an end.

He explained to Spinner: “It’s a song about how I killed my mom. She was dying of ovarian cancer and she asked me to kill her. I felt like she brought me into this world, so fair enough that I take her out. If you’re not backing euthanasia, you’re a fucking idiot or some religious freak. How could you say no? This person is suffering and they want to die, they have incurable cancer and you are going say: ‘No, do it the natural way’. Fuck you. It’s what you do for your fucking mom, if you’re a man. It’s what she wanted. If I didn’t do it, I’d feel terrible. I’d feel cowardly”.

Hear a bootleg recording of one of Fat Mike’s few performances of the currently unreleased song here: