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Feist announces new album, releases three songs from it

By | Published on Thursday 16 February 2023


Feist has announced that she will release a new album called ‘Multitudes’ in April – her first LP since 2017’s ‘Pleasure’. Kicking off the rollout of the record, she’s released three songs from it: ‘In Lightning’, ‘Love Who We Are Meant To’ and ‘Hiding Out In The Open’.

“The last few years were such a period of confrontation for me, and perhaps it felt that way to some degree for everyone”, she says. “We confronted ourselves as much as our relationships confronted us”.

“It felt like our relational ecosystems were clearer than ever and so whatever was normally obscured – like a certain way of avoiding conflict or a certain way of talking around the subject – were thrust into an unavoidable light”, she goes on.

“It became a chance to find footing on more honest ground when the effort to maintain altitude actually took more effort than just handing ourselves over to the truth”.

The album was largely written during her 2021 and 2022 live show, also called ‘Multitudes’. Listen now to ‘In Lightning’, ‘Love Who We Are Meant To’ and ‘Hiding Out In The Open’: