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Festival line-up update: 2000trees, Chagstock, Kendal Calling

By | Published on Tuesday 28 May 2013


Having seemingly not learned their lesson after running a sixteen hour showcase at this year’s Great Escape, the folks from Alcopop! Records have been announced as the latest label to take over the GreenHouse stage for a day at the 2000trees festival in July. Alcopop! will test the ground on the Friday, before Xtra Mile comes in on the Saturday.

Alcopop! boss Jack Clothier told CMU: “We’re massive fans of everything about 2000trees, and it’s lovely that they’ve invited us to get involved with this takeover. Our artists can bring a really beautiful dimension to their sets on occasions like this, and it’s a good place for our friends to come when they have crushing festival hangovers”.

2000trees organiser Andy Rea added: “We’ve brought together the amazing artists from these two great labels to offer something unique to our fans, who have always loved the GreenHouse stage as a place to enjoy acoustic sets in the sunshine – and as Jack says it’s a great way to get over a hangover! We’re thrilled to be spending a fun-filled weekend with everyone and can’t wait for these one-off treats for fans of new and underground British music”.

2000TREES, Upcote Farm, Withington, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, 11-13 Jul: Johnny Foreigner, Stagecoach, My First Tooth, Gunning For Tamar, The Attika State, Jurassic Pop, Side-step DJs, Fitz, El Morgan, Kitten & Bear, Chalk.

CHAGSTOCK, Dartmoor, Devon, 19-20 Jul: Mystery Jets, Billy Bragg, Dizraeli And The Small Gods, Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman, Crowns, Lily & Meg, Emily Barker & The Red Clay Halo, Wille And The Bandits, Crazy Arm, Matthew & Me, Marc O’Reilly, Ferocious Dog, New Crisis, Skinny Dog, Flats & Sharps, Brother & Bones, Aurora Skies.

KENDAL CALLING, Lowther Deer Park, Hackthorpe, East Cumbria, 26-28 Jul: Lucy Rose, DJ Yoda, The Twang, Elite Force, Maribou State, 808 State, Richard Norris, Ashley Beedle, North Base, Maths Time Joy, Misty Miller, Champs, Fossil Collective, Rubylux, Sykur, Monster Monster, Wolfie Razmatazz, Heymoonshaker, Birth Of Joy, By The Rivers, More Like Trees, Polaroid 85, Resonators, Tako Lako, Will And The People, Wille And The Bandits, Cherub, Bandeoke, Andy Hunt presents The Breakfast Club, BMX Bandits, Dunwells, The Last Party, Juveniles, Planes, Room Full of Mirrors, Seamus Mcloughlin, Camp Stag, The Righteous Bees, Tomorrow We Sail, Horace B Murphy III & Friends, Cavan Moran, Ocelus, Mikey J, Arnivore!, Roc Vicar, Lancaster Speakeasy DJs, Robin Walker, Marris Chestnut, Tom Woodland, Freear, Chris Flynn, Dr Butlers, Hard And Monkey, Holly Clarke, Kriss Foster, Lazlo Baby, Lumberjack Cowboy, Molly Warburton, Quincey Brown, Poeticat, Taylor And The Mason, The Dead Indians , The Yossarians, Death to the Strange, Carnival Moon, Specs, Papa Guns, The Flat Cap Three, Naymedici, Walk Like Fool Does, Ottersgear, DJ Sister Matic, V J Eefee, Popeye.