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Festival line-up update: Liverpool Sound City and Diynamic Festival

By | Published on Wednesday 3 April 2013

Liverpool Sound City

Today’s FLUUs are pretty minimal as FLUUs tend to go, so I’ll get straight to the important business of who’s playing Liverpool Sound City. The festival’s new conscript of 150 artists has in its midst Chloe Howl, Whales In Cubicles, Eliza And The Bear, Sun Glitters and 146 others, all of whom align with LSS stars like Enter Shikari, Thee Oh Sees, Mount Kimbie, King Krule, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Bastille and Everything Everything.

That intro done, it’s now time to take a look at that Sound City reveal in greater detail, plus an additional one via Amsterdam’s Diynamic Festival:

DIYNAMIC FESTIVAL, Arena Park, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 18 May: Solomun, David August, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, HOSH, Stimming, Uner, Adriatique, Karmon, NTFO, Pool, Ost & Kjex, Hunter/Game, DJ Phono, Thyladomid.

LIVERPOOL SOUND CITY, various venues, Liverpool, 2-4 May: 16 Hole Boots, Abandon Silence DJs, Acrobat, Aeroplane Flies High, Alex Hulme, Ali Ingle, Allie Bradley, Alpha Male Tea Party, Anna Corcoran, Apollo 18, Astroid Boys, Bad Guys, Bad Meds, Baltic Fleet, Bantam Lions, Best Friends, Black Moth, Blacklisters, Blank Maps, Bleech, Blizzard, Boats, Brave Young Red, Broken Twin, Brown Bear & The Bandits, Brown Brogues, CANDIDATE23, Cats Park, Chloe Howl, Christine And The Queens, Clang Boom Steam, Clock Work Of The Moon, CMWMSMDM, Cold Shoulder, Collectors Club, Common Tongues, Cub Scouts, Cut, D’lyfa Reilly, Dead Rabbit, DJ DKHT, Dominoes, Echo, Ed Black, Eden Royals, Eliza And The Bear, Eric Fuentes, Fire Beneath The Sea, Fist City, Franco & His Dreadnaught, French Films, Galaxy Express, Gate Flowers, Gatsby’s Green Light, Ghostchant, GlassCaves, Goonamguayeoridingstella, Hands, Highfields, Ilona, Iron Witch, Iyes, Jazzhands, Jethro Fox, Johnnie Selfish and The Worried Man, Johnny Sands, Kamp!, Karpia, Kepla, Killaflaw, Kof, Korda Marshall, Last Days of 1984, Laura J Martin, Leanne Robinson, Lewis Berry, Liberty Vessles, Lolito, Lunar Modular, Mara and the Inner Strangeness, Mark Magill, Matzka, Memory Men, Mercury 13, Mickey 9’s, Mise En Scene, Miss Stylie, Mitzi, Moats, Mono LP’s, Moulettes , Muto Leo, Nadine Carina, Natalie McCool, Natasha Haws, Nately’s Whores Kid Sister, Ninetails, Noble Thiefs, Ofeliadorme, Owls, Oxygen Thieves, Palm Reader, Persian Pelican, Police Squad, Popstrangers, Rachael Wright & the Good Sons, Red House Glory, Redolent, Richard Walters, Rob Vincent, Ruby Ann Patterson, Sankofa, Sansa, Say Yes Dog, Sea Of Keys, Secret Rivals, Serious Sam Barrett, Sheepy, Sienna, Skubas, Sonny Green, Splintered Ukes, Spring Offensive, Springtime Anchorage, Stafr├Žnn Hakon, Stereo Virgins, Sugarmen, Sun Glitters, Sunfields, Sweet Jane, Swimming Lessons, Taylor Fowlis, TearTalk, The Bazaars, The Balconies, The Boy Royal, The Chapman Family, The Cheap Thrills, The City Walls, The Cold One Hundred, The Dirty Rivers, The Excitements, The Flamin Mamies, The Formby Band, The Kill Van Kulls, The Lines, The Mono LP’s, The Not Amused, The Oreoh!s, The Penelopes, The Ramona Flowers, The Red Suns, The Science of the Lamps, The Thespians, The Tom Waitresses, The Tribute Band, The Troubadours, The Trouble With Templeton, The Wild Eyes, These Monsters, These Reigning Days, Tibi & Her Cello, Tizzy Bac, Towns, Tripwires, Two Hours Traffic, Tying Tiffany, Vasco Da Gamma, Voo, Whales In Cubicles, Witch Hunt.