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Fiddy makes up with Interscope

By | Published on Tuesday 10 January 2012

50 Cent

Oh, this is no fun at all. 50 Cent has apologised for his most recent dissing of his label, Universal’s Interscope. As previously reported, Fiddy, who had lashed out at Team Interscope earlier in the year over delays in the release of his fifth album, had another bitch just before New Year’s Eve, declaring “Music was so much fun for me, now the people and politics involved disgust me” and telling his label’s boss Jimmy Iovine that he was looking for a new record deal.

But in the cold light of a January day, Fiddy has backtracked. It seems the rapper’s most recent Twitter tizz began when one of his new songs leaked online, and he believed the leak had originated from Interscope HQ. But it turns out it hadn’t, and so he’s eaten some hip hop humble pie, which is something you find on the menu all that often.

Says Fiddy: “Discovered a computer glitch leaked my song. Sorry to team at Interscope for over reacting! Jimmy Iovine has been like a mentor for me. I just want to stay friends”.