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Field Day expands to weekender, whilst CockRock is placed on hold

By | Published on Wednesday 6 November 2013

Field Day

Wiley will likely be pleased to hear that Cumbria’s non-profit CockRock festival, the event from which he received a fee for barely even playing at earlier this year, not only won’t take place in 2014, but also mightn’t happen ever again.

CockRock organisers have released a statement describing the festival’s future as “uncertain”, adding that “over the last few years as with many festivals we have suffered financially, this coupled with a number of unwelcome restrictions that have been placed on the festival has meant that we have struggled in many ways”.

The note continues: “It’s with great sadness and a very heavy heart that we must now announce that CockRock will not run in 2014. At this moment in time we cannot say if we will return again in the future, we hope this is not the end but at the moment the future for CockRock is very uncertain. We’re truly gutted to say we won’t be running next year and that our lovely town that we are very proud to live in no longer has a large capacity music festival”.

Whilst CockRock languishes in hard times-ville, another festival, the London-based Field Day, seems to be keeping pretty well, thanks, and will next year lengthen from its erstwhile single-day duration to a 7-8 Jun weekender. It’ll apparently still be called Field Day, singular, despite now stretching over two days, plural, so that’s nice.

Tom Baker of Eat Your Own Ears, who co-host the event with Bugged Out!, BleeD and Lanzarote, yelps excitedly: “I am thrilled that Field Day is now taking place over two days in London’s Victoria Park. It’s been a long time coming. I can’t wait to reveal who’s playing… so keep your eyes on @fielddaylondon for more super exciting news very soon!”

Super early bird tickets are already available for day one of the festival, so get them via the Field Day site.