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Final David Bowie recordings to be released on Lazarus soundtrack, Mercury Prize tribute announced

By | Published on Tuesday 13 September 2016

David Bowie

The original cast recording of David Bowie’s 2015 musical ‘Lazarus’ will be released as an album on 21 Oct. And as a bonus, it will feature previously unreleased recordings of three of the show’s songs sung by Bowie himself before his death earlier this year: ‘No Plan’, ‘Killing A Little Time’ and ‘When I Met You’. Also included will be his version of title track ‘Lazurus’, which appeared on this year’s ‘Blackstar’ of course.

Speaking of ‘Lazarus’, you can all stop biting your lips and wringing your hands now, the David Bowie tribute performance at this year’s Mercury Prize ceremony has been announced and it’s fine. Michael C Hall, lead actor in the stage production of ‘Lazarus’, will perform its title track with the play’s house band. As well as not being as horrifying as you imagined, the Mercury tribute set will act as an advert for the fact that the show is opening in London on 8 Nov. Those tickets won’t sell themselves.

In other Bowie news, his estate has denied reports that his ashes were scattered at the Burning Man festival in the US earlier this month. An unnamed source told E! News that Bowie’s godchild had taken a portion of the ashes to the event to sprinkle about. However, a spokesperson for the estate has said that there is “no truth in this story”.

Bowie’s son, film director Duncan Jones added on Twitter: “That Burning Man thing? What people will do and say for attention never ceases to amaze me. Not true. Kind of a gross claim as well”.

“We all know”, he added, “if dad DID want his ashes scattered in front of strangers, it would be at the Skegness Butlins”.