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First new Rock Band edition in five years announced

By | Published on Monday 9 March 2015

Rock Band

You all remember ‘Rock Band’, right? You know, the pretend-to-play videogame that grew out of the same studio as ‘Guitar Hero’ but was never quite as good. Well, people, it’s back. Or it will be later this year.

‘Rock Band 4’ is the first new iteration of the gaming franchise since 2010, and the first new version since MTV-owner Viacom sold the company behind it, Harmonix, as the pretend-to-play music game phenomenon ground to halt very quickly indeed just over four years ago.

Available for PlayStation and XBox, a number of new features are expected to be revealed as ‘Rock Band 4’ approaches, plus we can expect a flurry of new tracks available to play in the game.

Indeed, ‘Rock Band 3’ players can download a free play-along version of Frank Turner’s ‘I Still Believe’ right now to celebrate the news of version four, providing they still believe there’s a decent market for pretend-to-play music gaming presumably.