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First NWA biopic trailer goes online

By | Published on Wednesday 11 February 2015

Ice Cube & Dr Dre

The first trailer for NWA biopic ‘Straight Outta Compton’ has been released. And because the footage of the film on its own apparently isn’t enough, it comes with an intro from Ice Cube and Dr Dre to explain why people should take notice.

“What a lot of people don’t realise about NWA is that it was non-violent protest”, says Ice Cube. “The same thing that we were going through in the 80s, people are going through right now”.

Adds Dre: “We put it all in our music; all the frustration and anger. Our music was like our weapon, and that’s the most powerful weapon we got. We gotta let people know it’s OK to say what you wanna say. We kicked the door down for a lotta artists. It’s a good time to tell our story. Tell some kids from Compton how we touched the world”.

And if that’s not enough, The Game and Kendrick Lamar also feature in the intro, the latter explaining: “When I think of NWA, it wasn’t really like music to me, it was more like a real lifestyle. Brothers from my neighbourhood that made it out”.

The trailer would actually have been enough without all that (the film looks pretty good), but the celebrity voxpops all goes to building up the film’s hype, I guess. And there’ll be plenty more before it comes out in August, I’d wager.

The trailer is also a chance to see Ice Cube’s son O’Shea Jackson Jr playing his dad. It’s a bit weird how much he looks like him. So that bit of casting was justified.

Anyway, now I’ve spoiled the whole thing for you, watch the trailer here: