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Flea interviews Iggy Pop in new short documentary

By | Published on Monday 13 March 2023

Iggy Pop

Iggy Pop has released a new short documentary about the making of his new album ‘Every Loser’, which sees him interviewed by Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea alongside behind-the-scenes footage from the studio.

The wide-ranging conversation covers everything from Pop’s first forays into songwriting and the forming of the Stooges to how he likes to get himself up in the morning. The trick, if you’re wondering, is to force yourself into being in a good mood.

“If you’re not in a good mood – fool yourself, motherfucker”, he says. “Don’t get down, don’t let yourself get down”.

Also covered is how The Stooges influenced Flea himself, while Pop talks about how one early Stooges song was influenced by Ravel’s ‘Bolero’. A song where Pop would “sing about being sick”. Going further, he discusses how always listening to all kinds of music has helped him to have such a long career.

He explains: “I like to be around music. I just have an enthusiasm for any kind of nice piece of music I hear that’s really good. I’ve always been amazed by Dionne Warwick doing Bacharach. You know, I hear that and [think] ‘woah’. That really helped me keep going, because I wasn’t just stuck into one thing”.

He also discusses working with producer Andrew Wyatt on ‘Every Loser’, saying: “Andrew’s a great producer and he’s a musician type of producer – a very, very gifted musician … within five minutes [of our first conversation starting] he’s asking me very, very personal questions about my entire career. You know, ‘how did you feel when so-and-so did this to you?’ … And then what he said was, ‘what I wanna know is are you ready?’”

From his side, Wyatt explains: “I can’t help myself, I’m unapologetically a fan … Maybe a little too early I just started asking him questions and he started answering them. [Then] it just occurred to me, ‘how about I make you some tracks, would you like that?’ And he was like, ‘Sure!’ He was into it”.

‘Every Loser’ is out now. Watch the full 26 minute film here: