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Fleet Foxes: second album took two attempts

By | Published on Tuesday 29 March 2011

Fleet Foxes

Fleet Foxes have revealed that the band completely re-recorded their second album, ‘Helplessness Blues’, after they were unhappy with the results of their first attempt.

Speaking to Uncut, frontman Robin Pecknold said: “When we did the first mix of the album it was like: ‘This is where we’re at, not where we want to be’. I felt there were things that could be improved. I wasn’t being precious about it. I wanted the album finished and out as much as anyone. But as soon as we started re-tooling one or two of the tracks, that opened the floodgates.”

Bassist Christian Wargo added: “It just sounded weird, not what we wanted. We just thought we could do a better job. That’s what we all thought. It wasn’t just Robin not wanting to let go of the thing”.

The album will finally see the light of day on 2 May.