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Florrie decides to go major

By | Published on Friday 25 May 2012


Florrie first appeared in the CMU Approved column back in 2010, and has since released numerous EPs independently. Working with Xenomania and having considerable buzz around her, it was generally considered that a major label deal couldn’t be far off.

However, last year she published a manifesto of sorts that sternly prohibited signing to a major for the time being. Which was possibly an odd thing to declare. Or not. Though with that in mind, it was a bit odd when Florrie popped up again this week to say: “I have decided that I am going to sign to a major record label”.

Filling in the gaps between the ‘no major label deal’ moment and the ‘major label deal’ moment, she went on to explain: “It’s been an incredible year and I’ve worked so hard, and it’s given me so much experience. I’ve learned a lot about how the business works too. Over the last nine months I’ve been writing lots then singing lots, then writing lots then singing LOTS, both for this new EP and for my future releases. AND I think I’ve found a new part of my voice that I never knew I had before. It’s two or three times more powerful than anything I’ve been able to catch on record up to now and it’s also a bit lower and, well, different in a good way! My album will be a combination of the voice you know, and the voice you don’t – yet!”

She goes on to say that she’s written two songs she reckons are good enough to launch her career with properly, adding that: “I cannot do them justice by putting them out there on my own. I don’t have the resources. At the end of February, I played these songs to a couple of people in London, and a couple of people in Los Angeles, who agreed with me that I should launch my career around these two songs. Which means that… after all this time… I have decided that I am going to sign to a major record label!”

More news on that in the near future, I guess. But for now, Florrie’s final independently released EP, ‘Late’, is due to be unleashed on 31 May.