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Foals offer corona-busting hand sanitation advice in Wash Off video

By | Published on Tuesday 10 March 2020


While the live music industry is struggling with the ongoing effects of coronavirus panic, others have spied opportunities. Opportunities to help. To selflessly help. Because Foals have just remembered that their latest album has a song on it called ‘Wash Off’, which is exactly what everyone needs to be doing.

Taken from last year’s ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 2’, the track is not really about washing at all, let alone washing hands. However, its new video very much is, showing viewers on a loop the 20 second process necessary to properly wash your hands and rid them of COVID-19.

The unrelated lyrics are also shown as the song plays, but don’t look at those because it will distract you from the important educational information being offered in the visuals. Learn to wash your hands and stop making everyone sick: