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Foo Fighters splitting tomorrow. Or something else. Whatever.

By | Published on Wednesday 2 March 2016

Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters are splitting. Up. Splitting up. That’s what they’re doing. Splitting up forever and ever. Or something else. Who knows? But it’ll be fun finding out. Or at least we’ll have a piece of information with which to briefly fill a period of time. And what more can we ask for than that?

Rumours of the band’s imminent split began to spread earlier this week when the New York Post began to spread rumours of the band’s imminent split. “The band is billing it as a ‘break’, but it’s totally Dave going solo, and Taylor [Hawkins, drums] is pissed about it”, said one source. This is “completely untrue” said another.

“Official band announcement tomorrow night. Stay tuned”, said the band this morning via their social media channels.

Grohl performed a solo cover of The Beatles’ ‘Blackbird’ at the Oscars on Sunday night during the ‘In Memoriam’ section of the evening. Solo, you hear? Solo. On his own. Though perhaps it was felt that a big rock number wouldn’t be appropriate to soundtrack such a sombre point. Stay tuned.