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Foo Fighters to release Bee Gees covers EP

By | Published on Monday 21 June 2021

Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters have announced that they are releasing an EP of Bee Gees covers for Record Store Day next month.

Released under the name The Dee Gees – like, the Dave Grohls, see? – the EP, titled ‘Hail Satin’, will feature versions of Bee Gees tracks ‘Night Fever’, ‘Tragedy’, ‘You Should Be Dancing’ and ‘More Than A Woman’. As well as that, it’ll also include a cover of fourth Gibb brother Andy Gibb’s ‘Shadow Dancing’. For some reason.

The songs all stay faithful to the originals, with Grohl singing in a high falsetto. You might think that is a bit of a stretch for someone who sings in such a gruff voice usually. Apparently not though.

The band recorded their first Bee Gees cover, ‘You Should Be Dancing’, earlier this year for Jo Whiley’s Sofa Session show on BBC Radio 2. In an interview with Whiley, he said: “I have never, ever in my life sung like that, but it was the easiest song I have ever sung in my entire life!”

And what do we do if something’s easy? We do more of it, that’s right children. So, ‘Hail Satin’ will be out on 17 Jul as part of the next Record Store Day drop. The Gibb songs will take up one side of the vinyl release.

Rather than leave the other side blank, they’ve padded it out with live versions of songs from their latest album ‘Medicine At Midnight’. Sadly not all sung in a falsetto. Of course that takes the number of tracks overall above what you’d consider an EP. But maybe it’s two EPs on one piece of plastic.

In related news, as the Foo Fighters took to the stage at Madison Square Garden in New York for their first full capacity show since the start of the pandemic this weekend, the band were joined by comedian Dave Chappelle for a cover of Radiohead’s ‘Creep’. Obviously, 60% of the people in the room decided to ruin the moment by filming it on their phones, so you can watch it all happen here.

Hey, this is fun, isn’t it? Foo Fighter covers news, I mean. Let’s keep it going! Umm, actually that might be it. I can do some Foo Fighters-related news about something being – well – ‘uncovered’ though? How about that?

In an interview with The Independent, while recalling being drunk at festivals, Libertines drummer Gary Powell remembers appearing with Dirty Pretty Things alongside the Foos at the Isle Of Wight Festival in 2006. The set up for this is relatively long, but I’ll cut it down for you a bit: He got really drunk at the festival.

“[Security] took me back to the bus and locked me in until we were on the ferry and I managed to get off again”, Powell recalls. “But by that time, I was naked. Everyone else was walking around [upstairs], and I decided I needed to go for a wee. So I stood behind the truck – the wind was blowing everywhere – and who gets off his bus but… Dave Grohl. He looked at me and went, ‘That’s a good look, man’. Dave Grohl saw me naked!”

I have no information on the pitch of Grohl’s voice in Powell’s story. Apologies.