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Footballer Joey Barton to reunite The Smiths

By | Published on Thursday 27 October 2011

The Smiths

No one has yet managed to convince The Smiths to reunite, despite ever increasing offers of hard cash. But footballer Joey Barton reckons he could be the man to finally coax Johnny Marr and Morrissey back onto the stage for some reason.

Speaking at the Q Awards earlier this week, QPR captain Barton revealed that he had recently met Johnny Marr after the guitarist invited him to one of his new band The Healers’ gigs. Barton said: “If I could get The Smiths back together that would top anything I could achieve on the football pitch. They told me they had turned down £40 million for a reunion – but I reckon Marr is up for it”.

Having chummed up with Marr, the footballer is apparently due to have dinner with Morrissey this week. Perhaps he could point out that Ian Brown is using the Stone Roses reunion to pay for his divorce, something generally less expensive than a bitter libel trial.