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Former Apple exec launches new music and creator business Gamma

By | Published on Thursday 9 March 2023

Apple is backing a new music company founded by one of its former execs, Larry Jackson, who was previously Global Creative Director for the tech giant.

That company is called Gamma and plans to work with musicians and other creators on all of their creative output, whether that be music, video, film, podcasts, fashion or any other nonsense they might come up with along the way.

“The artists shaping today’s culture not only create music, but also video, film, podcasts, fashion, and more”, said Jackson yesterday. “They shouldn’t have to jump through multiple hoops to express themselves”.

Of course, when jumping through lots of hoops becomes the next TikTok craze – and that’s surely only a matter of time – Jackson’s new fangled music firm will presumably be ready and waiting with a stack of hoops for its clients to jump through. But physical hoops. There are no metaphorical hoops in the land of Gamma, that’s the point.

And should physical hoops need to be bought for Gamma clients, they’ll presumably be luxurious hoops given reports that the new company has access to a neat billion dollars in finance. Although Gamma has declined to officially comment on those reports and it’s thought Apple is more of a partner than an investor.

But whatever, Jackson has definitely amassed a lot of cash, as well as buying his new business it’s own distribution platform, having acquired the company Vydia last year.

He’s also got a team in place which includes co-founder and COO Ike Youssef, and former Atlantic Records UK boss Ben Cook.

He, of course, left the Warner Music label in 2019 after a controversy over a photo which resurfaced of him attending a 2013 fancy dress party decked out as a member of Run DMC, a costume that, he said, was intended as tribute but was, in hindsight, offensive.

As for creator clients, Gamma is already working with Snoop Dogg and the Death Row Records catalogue he acquired last year, as well as Rick Ross and Naomi Campbell.