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Former Imagem President outlines his plans for publishing start up

By | Published on Tuesday 25 February 2014

Atlas Music Publishing

Former Imagem President Richard Stumpf has spoken to Billboard about his new music publishing venture the Atlas Music Group, which now has the backing of some existing music industry players and a handful of investment firms.

And although Stumpf says that the aim of his new venture is to be a mid-sized publisher that can offer a more ‘personal service’ to songwriters, the music rights start up is looking to gain some significance pretty quickly by both signing up new songwriting talent and also acquiring a few existing publishing catalogues. And he tells Billboard that the first songwriter signings have been made – Toby Gadd, Daniel And The Lion and Falls – while two catalogue acquisition deals are currently be actively considered.

To run all that Stumpf is currently putting together a team of about ten people, which already includes former Zomba/Jive exec Jennifer Blakeman and form Kobalt US GM Michael Petersen. His plan, says Stumpf, is to “marry the best possible front office with the best possible back office operations – this results in true full service music publishing”.