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Former Jacko doc denies prescribing drugs

By | Published on Monday 6 July 2009

And so back to the drugs. As much previously reported, there is speculation that Jackson was dependent on high strength prescription drugs in his latter years, a dose of one or the other of which may have killed him. As the authorities await the results of toxicology tests that may confirm if that was or wasn’t the case, there is continued speculation as to who might have obtained the drugs for the singer, with various likely candidates having denied any knowledge of the sorts of drugs being blamed for causing the singer’s cardiac arrest.

The latest suspect was Dr Allen Metzger, who was Jackson’s personal medic back in the nineties. He came under suspicion because of two incidents back then when he wrote prescriptions for Jacko’s sister Janet that didn’t actually name the singer, but rather used the name of her then chef Ricardo Macchi. Two sets of drugs were reportedly made available to the singer using Macchi’s name, and, when the chef formally complained, the doctor was reprimanded by the US Medical Board for a “fraudulent medical practice” involving an “international entertainer”.

Metzger has admitted the Janet Jackson prescription incidents to TMZ, but says he acted to save Janet from embarrassment. He refused to comment on whether he did similar favours for Michael when working as his personal physician, but told the gossip site he had not prescribed any drugs to the singer in recent years, or been involved in his healthcare in anyway.

TMZ quote him thus: “I am not at liberty to discuss Michael’s medical care. I have not treated him for ages. I have not treated Michael Jackson for many years. I have nothing to do with this tragedy with Michael. I have not prescribed any medication in relation to what happened to him”.

Elsewhere in Jacko drug rumours, US media reports allege that officials found the intravenous anaesthetic Diprivan – also known as Propofol – during a search of the late singer’s LA home last week. It has already been speculated that a shot of a drug like Diprivan might have caused Jacko’s cardiac arrest – though it’s possible that those making such speculations had already heard about the police search uncovering the drug at the singer’s home.