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Former MTV chief backs PopShack

By | Published on Friday 29 May 2015


PopShack, which we’re calling a YouTube-centric label, but you might see as a music-focused multi-channel network, and which has defined itself as both a “social music company” and “a Generation Z digital music business” (make of that what you will) has announced Bill Roedy, former CEO of MTV Networks International, as a new investor and non-executive director, who will advise on “strategic issues” and “brand and entertainment alliances”.

Confirming his involvement, Roedy told reporters yesterday: “I remember 34 years ago there was a seismic shift in how things were done when MTV launched. It was pioneering and disrupted the system. I see this now with PopShack and the viewing audience who live on YouTube, finding and consuming content in a completely new way”.

He went on: “PopShack is a business that has turned the old methods on their head. It’s about working with and in partnership with an engaged and partnered audience. I’m delighted to be investing in the business and joining the board and look forward to contributing to the tremendous foundation that Conrad and his team have built so far, expanding what is already a compelling proposition to both consumers and brands alike”.

Welcoming his new backer, Conrad Withey, CEO of PopShack, remarked: “I am thrilled and honoured to have Bill investing in PopShack and joining our board. I can’t think of anyone better to help us build PopShack into a global music entertainment network and I look forward to sharing his experience and insights from the early days at MTV as part of that process”.