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Former Slipknot percussionist dismisses lawsuit against the band

By | Published on Wednesday 4 November 2020


Former Slipknot percussionist Chris Fehn has moved to withdraw his lawsuit against the band, the two sides seemingly having reached a settlement.

Fehn went legal in March last year, claiming that he had been cut out of income he was due from touring and merch. In the lawsuit, he said he’d previously been led to believe that all revenues generated by the band’s touring and merch activity was channelled through one company and then divided up among band members.

However, he said, prior to launching his lawsuit he had discovered that some of his bandmates – including frontman Corey Taylor and fellow percussionist Shawn Crahan – had set up other companies to receive some of this money, which – he argued – meant he was being deprived of his share of some of that income.

A member of Slipknot since 1998, Fehn was fired after filing his lawsuit, and did not appear on the band’s latest album, ‘We Are Not Your Kind’.

With a settlement having seemingly been agreed, court documents filed last week move for a dismissal of the case “with prejudice”, which means Fehn cannot refile the same claim at a later date. However, details of what settlement has been agreed in order to bring the dispute to a close have not been revealed.