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Fox News man apologises to Chris Brown

By | Published on Monday 22 August 2011

Chris Brown

Hey, remember when Chris Brown beat up his then girlfriend Rihanna and drove off, leaving her unconscious on the pavement? Fox News’ Andy Levy does. And he made a joke about it on Twitter last week.

But after reading the avalanche of not-at-all illiterate correspondence from both Brown and his fans that have come his way via the social network since the joke tweet, Levy has now, finally, realised that the Brown/Rihanna incident is all in the past and we really shouldn’t talk about it any more. After all, Brown hasn’t punched Rihanna once since February 2009, and not just because of the restraining order. And other than that occasion when he smashed up an office at the ABC TV network earlier this year, he’s hardly been violent at all.

Quite rightly, Levy issued an apology to Brown for any offence caused on Fox News’ ‘Red Eye’ show last week. Here it is in all its glory: