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Freebass still on, maybe

By | Published on Friday 4 February 2011

Peter Hook

Peter Hook has said that Freebass, the short lived bassist supergroup he formed with Primal Scream and former Stone Roses bassist Mani, may still work together again in the future. Something that may come as a surprise to anyone who remembers Mani’s rant about Hook last year.

If you need reminding, a month after former Smiths bassist Andy Rourke announced his departure from the group in August, saying that Freebass was “entirely unviable as a band”, Mani went one step further and accused Hook of having a “wallet stuffed with [Joy Division frontman] Ian Curtis’s blood money”. Although Mani later apologised, it did seem that Freebass was over.

But Hook now says that the venture would have gone on hold anyway because of his and Mani’s other commitments, and that last year’s falling out doesn’t necessarily mean the project will never resume. Speaking to Spinner, he said: “I’d have to say I don’t know at the moment. Both Mani and I knew we had big projects coming up. We were both aware what we were doing with Freebass took second place. We’d already committed ourselves to that, regardless of the fact Mani and I fell out for that short period. The truth is, it would have gone on the back burner anyway”.