From The Fringe

From The Fringe: Simon Thacker

By | Published on Tuesday 18 August 2015


Each day this month we are looking at some of the shows, performers and events being championed at the Edinburgh Festival this year by our sister magazine ThreeWeeks.

And today it’s Simon Thacker and his show ‘Svara-Kanti’ which runs at Summerhall until Sunday. “This too short hour of virtuosic Baul music – re-imagined by guitarist Simon Thacker – reinterpreted Bengal’s traditional, mystical song” our reviewer reports.

“Relaxing and invigorating in turns, the interweaving of punk, funk, flamenco and soul with Baul ensured it was not too unfamiliar for western ears. Thacker was not the only great artist entertaining us this evening, Raju das Baul has travelled from Bengal to sing beautifully, telling the traditional stories of his culture with clarity and sensitivity”.

Before plonking a 5/5 rating on the proceedings, our reviewer added: “Tabla master Sarvar Sabri played with deceptive ease, demonstrating why this hardest of percussion instruments is also the most expressive. This ‘Made in Scotland’ initiative has excelled itself”.

Check out a snippet of Thacker’s music at the end of this edition of the TW Podcast.