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From The Fringe: ThreeWeeks Edinburgh

By | Published on Monday 10 August 2015

ThreeWeeks 2015

So the world’s greatest cultural event – the Edinburgh Festival – officially kicked off again this weekend, with the Scottish capital set to host over 4000 shows and events over the next three weeks. And while best known for its comedy and theatre programmes, the Edinburgh Festival is a truly cross-genre event, with an impressive array of musical treats on offer too.

How do we know this? Because our sister magazine ThreeWeeks Edinburgh has been covering the Festival for two decades, and is back there once again this month. Each day over the next three weeks here in CMU we’ll be picking out bits n pieces of ThreeWeeks coverage which we think will be of interest to the wider music community.

Though today we begin with a bit of self-promotion. Because if you like the CMU Podcast, well, there’s a ThreeWeeks Podcast too, and it’s back up and running for another year. Click here to stream current and future editions, and to sign up and subscribe. And look out for more From The Fringe here in the CMU Daily tomorrow.