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From The Fringe: Will Pickvance

By | Published on Tuesday 11 August 2015


Each day over the next three weeks we will be looking at some of the shows, performers and events being championed at the Edinburgh Festival this year by our sister magazine ThreeWeeks.

First up virtuoso pianist Will Pickvance, who dissected in detail his relationship with the piano in a much acclaimed show called ‘Anatomy Of The Piano’ at Edinburgh Festivals 2013 and 2014, playing a fair few numbers along the way.

“If ‘Anatomy Of The Piano’ was about the relationship of piano and pianist, the new show is more about my relationship with music itself” he told ThreeWeeks earlier this month.

“Where might interpretation and improvisation come from? The piano is a machine for a very personal expression. This show is actually about how I decide what music to play. Or perhaps, how my subconscious decides for me, based on the clutter in my head. Melodies are mixed up with anxieties, moods and memories. I have chosen and written motifs which I will dissect musically”.

Read more about the show in this ThreeWeeks interview here.