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FUGA’s new joint venture in Japan goes live

By | Published on Friday 3 September 2021

Space Shower FUGA

FUGA’s new joint venture in Japan has officially opened for business. First announced late last year, the initiative sees the Downtown-owned distribution firm ally with Japanese music business Space Shower Network to create what will be known as Space Shower FUGA.

The company announced this week that its new ten-strong Space Shower FUGA team will be headed up by Tamaki Yamashita, who joined Space Shower Networks in 2011 via its acquisition of another distributor called BounDEE.

Commenting on her new role at the company, Yamashita says: “We are now ready to provide support to great Japanese music and artists to reach the truly global market through unrivalled collaboration between FUGA’s technology and international marketing and Space Shower’s local expertise and trust. The service launch is just the beginning, and we look forward to strengthening our partnership with FUGA”.

Yamashita and her team will be supported by the two parent companies, who also have reps on the board of Space Shower FUGA, with Yoshito Hayashi and Koichi Sato from the Space Shower side, and Pieter Van Rijn and Christiaan Kröner from FUGA.

Also commenting on the launch, Van Rijn adds: “The shared respect and cultural understanding between FUGA and Space Shower has allowed us to make an unprecedented move; a newly formed, world-class joint venture company between an international independent distributor and a local distribution partner in Japan. Together we offer a true combination of forward-thinking distribution technology and local industry expertise”.