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Future Publishing revives TeamRock Radio

By | Published on Monday 12 June 2017

Online radio station TeamRock Radio is back in operation, featuring programmes linked to the Classic Rock, Metal Hammer and Prog magazines, plus playlists curated by guest artists.

TeamRock Radio went offline when its parent company, TeamRock, went into administration just before Christmas last year. Future Publishing subsequently bought back the magazines it had previously sold to the TeamRock company in 2013, and with that deal also acquired the TeamRock website and radio assets, though it wasn’t immediately clear what the media firm planned to do with the latter.

The founders of the now defunct TeamRock company came from a radio background and so always planned to build a radio station around the rock magazines they acquired, and initially ran that service on the DAB network as well as online. Though the TeamRock radio station never seemed to quite build the momentum its founders had hoped for. Nevertheless, Future presumably reckons it adds value to its rock magazine portfolio, hence bringing the service back under the guidance of Programme Controller Philip Wilding.

Confirming the radio station relaunch, TeamRock Editor In Chief Scott Rowley was keen to distinguish the service from other rock radio set-ups in the UK. He said: “We’ve built the station for the people who’ll actually listen to it. Rock stations in the UK – and around the world for that matter – are lazy and formulaic. They’re entry-level, with playlists that treat you like you’ve just heard rock music for the first time”

Continuing on that theme, Rowley went on: “If you invited a bunch of friends back to your house you wouldn’t play them ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, ‘Bat Out Of Hell’ or ‘Whole Lotta Love’ – you’d put on some well-chosen classics they hadn’t heard in a while or some brilliant new music. So why do our rock radio stations insist on force-feeding us the bleeding obvious? TeamRock Radio is for people who really love music”.