Gaga manager says he’d happily give away the singer’s next record

By | Published on Monday 26 September 2011

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga’s manager last week told delegates at the Facebook F8 conference that he’d happily give away the pop star’s next album. Given how cheaply Amazon was selling her last record in the US, you might argue that one was basically given away too.

Though, of course, the etail giant took the hit there, with both Gaga and her label Universal getting the wholesale price for the digital record. It’s not clear whether Troy Carter would be willing to actually give away the next Gaga record at a loss in order to secure the biggest possible audience, or whether he’d look for the phone firms to pay for it. Because he seems to think free delivery via mobile would be the best idea.

According to NME, Carter said: “What we’re looking to do is not just about selling the CD or the digital file. It’s how many people can we get the music to. How many people can experience it? If it was up to me, I’d give away the next album and put it on every handset that I can put it on, to get that scale. You can’t be scared to fail. Sometimes we’re going to get big results, and sometimes you learn a lesson, make an adjustment and move on”.

Perhaps Facebook could give away the next record, in return for us letting the social network track, document and share every thought that goes through our brains from birth to death, given that seems to be its current ambition.