Gaga settles with former producer boyfriend

By | Published on Monday 13 September 2010

The most Lady of Gaga has reached an out of court settlement with Rob Fusari, the producer who claimed to have helped the popstress create her image and sound, and to have co-written her early songs, only to be cut out of the equation once she became a global superstar. Fusari, who had also been Gaga’s boyfriend when they collaborated, sued for a neat $35 million.

Gaga’s people disputed Fusari’s allegations, and sought a court ruling that would dismiss the contract on which Fusari was basing much of his financial claim. The pop star’s legal people said that the producer had really been acting as an agent for Gaga, and therefore the contract he had drawn up with her was inappropriate and should be declared void.

While they didn’t totally dispute that Fusari might be due more money than the $600,000 he had already received for his producer credit on Gaga’s debut album, they strongly disputed he was owed anything like $35 million.

It’s not known exactly what deal has been reached between Gaga and Fusari or whether any money will change hands, but both sides filed papers with the US courts last week asking that their respective lawsuits be dismissed.