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Gaika announces debut album, Basic Volume

By | Published on Thursday 7 June 2018


Gaika is following up his quite album-like mixtape and EP releases with a debut album, ‘Basic Volume’, which will be out on 27 Jul.

The album takes its name from that of a company owned by the rapper’s late father, says Gaika. “It is the science he taught me before he left this world. It is the poetry we grew under and were made strong by its force”.

“With this knowledge”, he goes on, “I fought until my hands bled, propelled into combat by the god of metals. It’s all true, I nearly lost my heart to angry memories, waking dreams of burnt out laboratories and dead friends. I am this chemistry and it is I and so I wrote it here”.

He then concludes that “‘Basic Volume’ is collection of alchemical parables for all the immigrants who wander the earth in search of themselves”.

Collaborators on the record include Sophie, Dutch E Germ, Dre Skull, Jam City and Buddy Ross.

Here’s new single, ‘Crown & Key’: