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Gaika announces livestream series to support black artists and charities

By | Published on Thursday 4 June 2020

Nine Nights

Gaika’s The Spectacular Empire label has announced a series of livestreams, starting tonight, under the title ‘Nine Nights’, featuring a variety of artists and genres from around the world.

Money raised through donations will be split between the artists, production team and a number of black-focused charities, including the Hackney Caribbean Elderly Organisation in the UK and the Black Visions Collective in the US.

“There has not been a day in my life where I have not been forced to consider race”, says Gaika. “I’m tired and I’m angry. I can no longer performatively produce wealth for a structure that systematically subjugates and exploits my mind and body. ‘Nine Nights’ is an attempt at exploring new modes of artistic empowerment that supports life and community directly with labour”.

Artists set to perform include Chlo√ędees, Glor1a, Jay Trench, Kwame, Lord Tusk, Louis VI and Gaika himself. Full details here.