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Gallops reunite for new album

By | Published on Friday 20 January 2017


Hey there, Gallops have announced that they’re getting back together. So that’s good, isn’t it? Yes, I know we’re generally down on reunions here at CMU, but this is more like they just took a bit of time off. So we’re allowing this one.

In the event that you don’t remember, Gallops released their debut album, ‘Yours Sincerely Dr Hardcore’, in 2012, but then the following year they split up. And that was a shame because they were really good and that album was also really good.

“We missed it too much”, say the three members of the band in unison. “Basically having some time away from the band gave us a fresh perspective and made us realise that Gallops still has life in it. It just needed a nap”.

As for how their sound has developed as they’ve got back to working on it, they continue: “The move towards a more electronic sound has been a natural progression for us. These days we tend to be more excited by the possibilities of electronic music than we do by traditional instrumentation. This is very much Gallops MKII. We intend to keep pushing things further and we are already writing ideas for our next record”.

So they are back, and they’re here to stay this time. That’s good news. The album, ‘Bronze Mystic’, is out on 21 Apr. And if you’ve come this far and still demand proof that this is all very exciting, here’s the first single, ‘Darkjewel’: