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Gary Barlow apologises for offence caused by all that tax avoidance stuff

By | Published on Wednesday 3 September 2014

Gary Barlow

Gary Barlow returned to Twitter last night, following a break from the social network since May this year. The songwriter explained that he’d stopped using the site after a hacker gained access to his account and used it to post some “disturbing text”.

Clearly eager to get back to tweeting, he used his first 20 minutes back on the network to say various things he’d been unable to communicate over the last four months, including apologising for the offence caused by the emergence of his involvement in a tax avoidance scheme. Though not the tax avoidance itself.

He wrote: “I want to apologise to anyone who was offended by the tax stories earlier this year. With a new team of accountants we are working to settle things with all parties involved ASAP. We have been working since the new year on a new Take That studio album”.

So, actually, given that the tax avoidance story is now pretty old news, I guess the big scoop is that Barlow has sacked the other members of Take That and replaced them with accountants. OK, it’s possible that those were two different subjects, but the quick succession his updates came in makes it impossible to tell. Impossible, I tell you.