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Gary Gersh joins AEG Live

By | Published on Wednesday 28 January 2015

AEG Live

AEG Live has appointed Gary Gersh to the brand new role of President Of Global Talent because, well, why the hell not, that’s what I say.

US industry veteran Gersh, whose career has so far encompassed retail, labels and management, though this is his first gig in the gig business, will “play a critical role in managing and enhancing the ongoing relationships between artists and their agents, managers and other business associates and AEG Live’s touring, festivals and fifteen regional offices”.

On his move into the live space, Gersh himself told the Billboards: “I love music, but I also love business and growth and the opportunity to build, and all those things collide in one place here. I’m super excited about being a part of that”.

He went on: “You know how it is, when you’re doing something often and for a long time, you think, ‘If I can be challenged and be an excitable boy again, that would be a super way to go through the next ten or twelve years of my life’. I just decided it was time for a change. Fortunately it landed me here, and I couldn’t be more excited”.