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Gathering Of The Juggalos attendee sues after being run down by baseball bat-driven golf cart

By | Published on Friday 30 August 2019

Insane Clown Posse

A filmmaker has launched legal action against the organisers of the Gathering Of The Juggalos festival in the US. In it, he claims that he was injured when run down by a man who was using a baseball bat to drive a golf cart.

Adam Batton says that he attended the 20th anniversary edition of the annual event for Insane Clown Posse fans (aka ‘juggalos’) – which took place earlier this month – to make a documentary. Which means he is not specifically classing himself as a juggalo.

He is suing the company behind the festival, Ninjas In Action Inc, and the venue that hosted the event, Lawrence County Recreational Park in Indiana, claiming that they failed to enforce rules around motorised vehicles on the festival site.

Batton says that upon arriving, he noticed numerous attendees driving golf carts around said site, despite this being prohibited in the terms and conditions on the ticket. Seeing this, he left the site and purchased a small motorised bike to get around the festival on himself.

It was at about 1am on the final night of the event, his lawsuit says, that he was knocked off his bike by a golf cart being driven erratically. As a result, he claims, he sustained serious and permanent bodily injuries.

The golf cart was being driven by well known juggalo Alexander ‘Less Legs’ Perkins. Says the lawsuit, according to Billboard: “Perkins was operating the golf cart peddles with a baseball bat, and after the collision it was apparent he was intoxicated on drugs and/or alcohol”.

Perkins, however, provides a different version of events. He says that he had permission to use the cart and was using a baseball bat to press the pedals due to his disability. As his nickname suggests, he has ‘less legs’ than the majority of other attendees. Specifically, two less.

Anyway, he also denies that he was under the influence of drink or drugs, telling TMZ that he was entirely sober. Rather, he says, it was Batton who ran into him while riding on the wrong side of the road. He also says that he was thrown out of the golf cart and sustained injuries himself.

Batton is not, however, suing Perkins directly – presumably because he feels he has a better chance of securing damages from the promoter and venue. Whether or not he is correct remains to be seen.