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Gene Simmons holds Pentagon press briefing

By | Published on Friday 17 May 2019

Gene Simmons

Tensions are growing between the US and Iran, so it’s only natural that a press briefing took place at the Pentagon yesterday. Perhaps less so that it was Kiss bassist Gene Simmons addressing reporters. But, hey, anything’s possible in politics these days, I guess.

Simmons wasn’t there to talk about possible military action in the Middle East (oh how long I’ve waited to type that sentence), although he did talk about the contribution made by military service people. According to reports, he met with a number of soldiers and then, when standing at the podium in the press briefing room, choked back tears as he spoke of his mother’s survival of a Nazi concentration camp.

News of Simmons’ visit to the HQ of America’s Department of Defence – and his address to journalists – has been reported widely across the news media, which might seem odd. However, it’s the first press briefing assembled journalists at the Pentagon have had so far this year, the Trump administration having gone from constantly shouting at the media to just ignoring them. The last time anyone spoke to the press at the Pentagon was when actor Gerard Butler turned up last October to promote his film ‘Hunter Killer’.

Information-starved reporters over at the White House also caught a glimpse of Simmons when he turned up there as well yesterday. Although he didn’t address them directly and refused to say what the purpose of his visit was. Journalists tasked with covering White House events continue to wait for someone to come and talk to them, while the lectern in the press briefing room literally gathers dust.