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George Ezra announces new album, Staying At Tamara’s

By | Published on Monday 22 January 2018

George Ezra

I can barely leave the house these days without someone asking me when George Ezra is releasing another album. “When will George Ezra release another album”, they clamour, a look of pained desperation in their eyes.

Some of these people are in a really bad way. Some have been there, sitting outside my house, for months now. I suspect that at least one has died and has been eaten by the others. And yet each day there are more of them demanding information, and each day I have to tell them that I have none. I do not know when George Ezra will release a new album.

Today was different though. When I stepped outside this morning to manoeuvre the bins around the still sleeping bodies of all those George Ezra fans on my drive, one of them stirred. He whispered, still half asleep, “Please sir, any word?”

“Yes”, I replied. “The new George Ezra album will be released on 23 Mar, and it will be called ‘Staying At Tamara’s’. The first single, ‘Paradise’, is available to stream and download now”.

A single tear formed in the corner of the man’s eye. As he broke into a sob, the others awoke. Could it really be true? Had the day finally come? Was there really word of a new George Ezra album?

“Yes”, I told them. “After all this time, I would not lie to you. By the end of March you will have your new George Ezra album”.

The relief I saw spread over the crowd filled me with a sense of enormous pride, even though I knew that all I had done was deliver the message. The real hero was George Ezra himself. Still, I couldn’t help but feel that I’d played a small role in all this, as I watched the people who had for so long meant I’d had to park my car up the road a bit rise up as one and walk away, finally contented.

“I just hope the release doesn’t get pushed back”, I thought to myself, as I turned and walked back into the house. Seeing my wife in the kitchen, I informed her too of the joyous news that George Ezra will release a new album, called ‘Staying At Tamara’s’, on 23 Mar.

“Ugh”, she bristled. “His voice is too deep for his face”.

I decided not to tell her that George Ezra had also announced tour dates for March and April. I hadn’t told the people outside either. But then, they had never asked.