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George Michael: Abandons appeal, postpones Faith re-release, moved to new prison

By | Published on Monday 20 September 2010

Only minutes after Friday’s CMU Daily had landed, advising George Michael to just grin and bear his jail time, it was announced the singer was abandoning his appeal against the eight week sentence he was given last week for driving his car while all doped up. Coincidence? Well, CMU is very popular behind bars. I heard Phil Spector’s our biggest fan.

Anyway, Michael’s lawyers had been set to argue the eight week sentence was too harsh, and request the singer be bailed while they went though the motions of an appeal. But those plans were canned on Friday, just before the pop-star-come-road-hazard was, as expected, moved to a slightly more cushy prison, Highpoint in Suffolk. According to the Sun and Mirror’s many, many, many sources on the inside of London’s Pentonville Prison, George had not enjoyed his short time there.

In related news, Sony Music have decided to postpone the release of a re-mastered version of Michael’s 1987 album ‘Faith’, which had been due to arrive in shops next week.

Presumably of the opinion cashing in on Michael’s jail time might be deemed inappropriate (which is a shame, think of the brand partnership that could have been with Snappy Snaps), a statement was posted on the singer’s website on Friday that read: “Sony Music and George Michael’s management have decided to postpone the release of the re-mastered Faith album. A new release date will be forthcoming. For those fans that have purchased the limited edition box set from this site, receipt will be subject to a delay until the new release date has been set”.