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George Michael on royal wedding song

By | Published on Monday 18 April 2011

George Michael

George Michael has recorded a cover of Stevie Wonder’s ‘You & I’ as a gift to royal wedding couple William and Kate. Michael, who was friends with Prince William’s late mother Princess Diana, announced his intent to record a song in the royal couple’s honour last week.

Appearing on Piers Morgan’s CNN show Friday, Michael recalled how it all came about: “The idea came to me last week… that I should perhaps kinda express my happiness at this marriage, in a way, publicly. It was an April day that happened to be like summer here in London and I was twittering and kinda got carried away and decided I was gonna make them [William and Kate] a new track… by Friday, so I’ve had a very busy week”.

He added: “When I was a child I dreamt of singing this song in my imagination… I used to dream of singing it in the school assembly hall, but I guess this is a slightly bigger deal than that”.

It’s free to download, but Michael says he hopes it will help raise money for the royal pair’s charity. The singer says: “It’s not just a gift for them, it’s a gift that they’ll be able to turn into many, many donations for the, which is where they’ve asked people to give money rather than send presents. I would really like for any of my fans or anybody who really enjoys this track, if they’re gonna download it for free… I would love them to go to Kate and William’s charity site and make a donation if they’re genuinely happy for these two people, which I think a lot of people are”.

Stevie Wonder has also waived his rights to the song for the time being, which is nice.