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George Michael pleads guilty

By | Published on Tuesday 24 August 2010

George Michael has pleaded guilty to driving while under the influence of drugs and also to cannabis possession. The singer appeared at Highgate Magistrates Court this morning to face the charges.

As previously reported, Michael was arrested last month after he crashed his car into a branch of Snappy Snaps in Hampstead. He was formally charged on 13 Aug, following further investigations by the police (what further investigations there need to be when someone’s car is embedded in a shop and they’ve got a pocketful of weed I’m not sure).

Of course, Michael has a string of drug driving offences to his name, having crashed into parked cars, fallen asleep at traffic lights and driven into a lorry on the A34 (though he says he was sober when that last one happened).

He was last convicted of DUI in May 2007, following that there previously mentioned nap he took while waiting for a set of traffic lights to go green. That resulted in a two year driving ban.

It’s not yet clear what sentence the singer might face on this occasion, though an introduction to the concept of using taxis when high might not go amiss.