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George Michael to record song for Kate and Wills

By | Published on Tuesday 12 April 2011

George Michael

George Michael says he is planning to record a song to commemorate the upcoming Royal Wedding, and he’s asking his fans on Twitter to decide which song he should sing. I think he plans to record the song and stick it up online ahead of William and Kate’s big day. He seems rather exiting about the pending royal marriage, it has to be said. Perhaps he feels guilty about not providing William with a song when specifically asked to do so in the dim and distant past.

Michael revealed via Twitter this week: “I only ever met him [William] twice, but he was such a nice kid. Actually he asked me to sing!!! He was only eight! It was a Xmas party at Kensington Palace, and believe it or not I’m too shy to sing to small numbers of people … So I said no … it was excruciating, his little Xmas smile disappeared, but the only people I knew in the room were Diana and Elton! So I bloody said no to the future king of my country … oh the shame”.