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George tearful in prison

By | Published on Friday 17 September 2010

According to inmates at Pentonville Prison, who seemingly have a direct line to journalists at The Sun (actually, I think the tab pounced on one inmate who was let out of the jail on Wednesday), George Michael’s first few days behind bars haven’t been pleasant, despite him allegedly getting special treatment from prison officers.

Michael, of course, was jailed on Tuesday for driving into a branch of Snappy Snaps all drugged up back in July, getting an eight week sentence (four weeks of which will be spent in prison) because of his past DUI charges.

According to The Sun’s source, other in-mates have predictably been singing reworked versions of the singer’s biggest hits, mostly based around ‘Freedom’, rather loudly, though it was the news that his only contact with the outside world would be a three minute conversation with his partner Kenny Goss, to be had in a public area, that apparently got Michael most upset.

The Sun’s source told the tab: “As soon as he arrived some of the prisoners burst into a rendition of ‘Freedom’. And when he was taken to shower they sang, ‘Guilty George has got no freedom’ to the tune of ‘Careless Whisper’. He is sulking. When the cells were unlocked in the morning he just sat there and refused to come out. He was in bits. The guards said he was crying in his cell”.

And all this despite Michael being put in a zone of the prison reserved for the most vulnerable of people and, according to another source, who this time spoke to the Mirror, being given a special cell dubbed by other in-mates as ‘The Ritz’. Said the Mirror’s source: “It’s the best cell in the whole prison. It has duvets, cushions, even its own digital TV box. He’s being treated like a king and has guards swarming all over him. The last thing they want is for something to happen to him. Pentonville is really tough and some people can’t cope with being locked up”.

Still, it’s only four weeks, and word has the singer will actually be moved to a less severe open prison any day now. Meanwhile, his lawyers are trying to get him out of jail altogether. They plan to appeal the sentence, arguing it is too severe, and, again according to The Sun, will today ask that their client be bailed while they go through the legal motions. Perhaps he should just grin and bear it. Think of the artistic inspiration this could provide George, I’m already awaiting the ‘Jail Songs’ album with anticipation.