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By | Published on Wednesday 11 November 2020

CMU Trends PDFs

The selection of CMU Trends guides continues to grow. These form the core of the CMU Library, which exists to help you navigate and understand all the different strands of the music business.

The most recent CMU Trends guide looks at the rights of artists and songwriters over their recordings and songs, even and especially when they no longer own the copyright in that music. It covers contractual rights, moral rights, performer rights and termination rights in ten easy steps.

Other guides currently available cover things like music rights data, collective licensing, digital licensing, sync licensing, the digital market, music piracy, record deals, brand partnerships, music marketing, catalogue marketing and the music industry’s battle against ticket touting.

New guides coming up will cover topics like fanbase building for new artists, building a direct-to-fan business and streaming in emerging markets.

You can buy all these guides from the CMU Shop. But if you become a premium CMU subscriber, you can access them all for free.

Check out the CMU Trends guides here. And go premium for just £5 a month here.