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Giorgio Moroder to work with Lana Del Rey?

By | Published on Monday 17 February 2014

Giorgio Moroder

Italo-disco innovator Giorgio Moroder has hinted at a collaboration with “a great singer” who might be (basically is) Lana Del Rey, also confirming he’s done a “little bit” of work with David Guetta.

As to whom the “great singer” is (it’s Lana Del Rey), Gio revealed in an um, ‘unrehearsed’ chat with Digital Spy: “I cannot mention the name now because the contracts are not signed, but I’m going to work in the next few days with a very great singer. A great singer. And if you call me in a few weeks I might be able to tell you what it is! It’s one of my all time favourite singers”.

When DS asked if the singer was, by any chance, Lana, he said: “I don’t know? Did you read something about that? Well… I have a few singers I’m planning to work with. In fact, I started to work a little bit with David Guetta”.

David Guetta is not a singer. But anyway, still skirting the LDR topic, and in so doing kind of confirming the collab at the same time, he added: “So… do you know? It’s difficult to answer the rumours, but… maybe. Maybe. I don’t know”.