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Girl Aloud confirms Tesco deal

By | Published on Tuesday 7 September 2010

Girl Aloud Nadine Coyle has confirmed her debut solo album will only be available via the cultural emporium that you call Tesco. She’s also confirmed that she decided to release her debut via a partnership deal with the supermarket giant rather than a traditional record label because it gave her more artistic control.

Says Nadine: “To be able to create an album where you are in complete creative control and to work with people as supportive, powerful and forward thinking as Tesco is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for an artist. Releasing my album through Tesco is such a great way to connect with everybody”.

Tesco’s entertainment man said Rob Salter said: “We are delighted that Nadine Coyle has agreed to entrust the first album of her solo career to Tesco. Nadine has delivered a real album with musical integrity and, most of all, that great big warm voice and fantastic songs which we believe will speak to all of Tesco’s customers”.

Lovely. I wonder if Nadine could persuade my local Tesco to start stocking Cheshire Cheese again. Anyone got her number?