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Girls Aloud reunion would be “a small miracle”

By | Published on Thursday 15 April 2010

Despite claims otherwise by various members of Girls Aloud, Brian Higgins, one half of songwriting and production team Xenomania, the creative team behind the Girls music, has said that if the group were to perform together again, it would be “a small miracle”.

Speaking to lifestyle website Ponystep, Higgins said: “I think obviously that the rise of Cheryl Cole as a superstar is a phenomenon in itself, which is great for her. I think that everyone’s got to wait and see where that takes Cheryl because it is obviously profoundly altering her life and how she sees her life. If she goes to America and does ‘X-Factor’ and everything, then that is going to create a situation”.

As for whether or not the group would want to continue their relationship with Xenomania, he added: “If they do come back, they may well want to work with other people, or the alternative is that they say: ‘We’re wedded to Brian and Miranda’ and come back automatically … If the band continues it will be a small miracle, but then, every album was for me anyway. That’s why we put so much into it, because we couldn’t believe that they’d come back to us. We never assumed they would, ever”.

He also pointed out that, in the modern pop world, the length of Girls Aloud’s career has already gone far beyond what anyone could or would have expected: “I think that the body of work in terms of released songs is 110 or 120 songs now. It is very rare that that will ever happen again, going forward, that any group coming from any scene will release five or six albums and a whole slew of b-sides and bonus tracks, because careers just don’t last that long”.