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Glastonbury social sharing will use 40 terabytes of EE data

By | Published on Tuesday 30 May 2017

Phone firm EE has said it will be setting up the “most powerful temporary 4G network seen at any UK event” for this month’s Glastonbury Festival, where it is the “official technology and communications partner” no less.

All that power is necessary because of all the live streaming nonsense that has become popular on the social networks in the last year. EE reckons that fad means more content will be digitally streamed and shared from Worthy Farm than ever before this month, with 40 terabytes of data likely to be used across its 4G network.

Of course anyone about to live stream their Glastonbury moments to friends back home could just be reminded that said friends would probably be better advised to tune in to the BBC’s coverage if they are in any way interested, which will have better sound and less chance of a stupid flag blocking the camera’s view. I read somewhere that the internationally recognised hand gesture to communicate all that to a budding Glasto live streamer is a short sharp slap in the face.

Says EE’s Mat Sears: “Since EE first launched 4G in the UK, we’ve worked with the team at Glastonbury to give festival-goers the best possible network experience. A few years ago that meant making sure people could simply post status updates and photos, but with social media continuing its rapid growth – including the addition of Instagram Stories, Facebook Live and Snapchat Stories – those on site now require more data for video than ever before. Our customers will be able to treat their friends at home by sharing their own personal view of all of the awesome stuff that Glastonbury has to offer over our superfast 4G network. We’re incredibly excited to be able to help make that happen”.

Yeah, can someone slap Mat in the face. I’m joking. No one should ever slap anyone in the face. Just slap their phones into the mud.