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Glastonbury stage to be built entirely from plastic waste

By | Published on Friday 10 May 2019

Plastic Waste

The Glastonbury festival’s ban on the sale of plastic bottles at the event should hopefully mean that there is much less plastic waste strewn around the site. However, on one stage at least there will be a great deal of it, because that’s exactly what it is going to be built with.

The Gas Tower dance arena in the Shangri-La area is set to be built entirely from discarded plastic. Organisers plan to start collecting the ten tonnes of plastic waste needed to build the installation with a beach clean in Cornwall this Saturday.

“This ground-breaking project will see tonnes of plastic removed from our environment – where it has such devastating consequences on our wildlife and marine life – and put to good use”, says Allison Ogden-Newton, CEO of Keep Britain Tidy, which is partnering on the project. “By working together, we are showing the world that the plastic we no longer want or need can be recycled and turned into something that is both exciting and useful”.

The Orca Sound Project, which is behind the idea, adds: “We are pioneering a global first, not only in terms of stage production and festival experience, but also community-building, strategy and awareness for a global issue – thanks to Shangri-La and Keep Britain Tidy. We’re so excited for Orca Sound Project to be given this unbelievable global platform to raise awareness”.

First plastic collections are planned in Devon and Somerset in the coming weeks, before being processed by Exeter City Council to turn it into usable material. Further details on the project and how to volunteer here.