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Glastonbury warns against off-site accommodation

By | Published on Tuesday 29 November 2011


Glastonbury Festival will no longer direct people to off-site accommodation options at future festivals, Michael Eavis has announced.

In a statement, Eavis says: “Off-site camping facilities at Glastonbury have generally caused me problems, but even more so this year. One operator failed to deliver his site, having taken the money from unsuspecting purchasers, and left me with a £60,000 bill, as I couldn’t bear the thought of 3,000 people turning up here and being let down at the last minute. This wasn’t the first time people have been let down, and as a consequence of this we simply cannot allow the same problems to happen again in 2013 [ie at the next Glastonbury Festival], so we will no longer be giving out any information about these off-site accommodation providers and would encourage festival-goers to use only the accommodation we provide”.

He advised festival-goers to spend the festival “under canvas, taking advantage of the camping fields which are included in the ticket price, or those who want a few more comforts can bring a campervan/caravan or stay in one of our legendary teepees”, adding: “Glastonbury Festival is not responsible for the provision of off-site accommodation, or any arrangements made with third parties such as accommodation providers, so we would urge people to think before parting with their money”.